The Need for Speed

Who wants more speed?  I know I do, but unfortunately I don't have the bandwidth at home to take full advantage of Palo Alto Networks latest masterpiece - the PA-7080.

Palo Alto Networks 7080 Firewall

The PA-7080 delivers the computing power and software architecture required to prevent today's cyberattacks across all applications in even the largest networks and datacenters.  Based on a proven architecture that blends ultra-efficient software with nearly 700 function-specific processors for networking, security, content inspection, and management, the PA-7080 can deliver up to 200Gbps throughput and 100Gbps with all security capabilities enabled.

Palo Alto Networks Firewall Speed

The PA-7080 architecture provides a prevention capability that scales not just speeds and feeds, but in the ability to control applications, to identify threats and deliver real time automated response.  Combining power, intelligence and simplicity it gives large enterprises and service providers a security capability that is relevant to threats they face — without compromising the performance integrity of their networks, data centers and cloud infrastructure.

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these, hoping some of our larger clients take a look :)