New Aruba Controllers Detailed

FINALLY!!!  The replacement for the aging Aruba Networks 600 series is finally here and we can't wait to get our hands on one.  We've called all of our distributors and it looks like a two week lead time to get one, so you can rest assured that we'll be getting one in the very near future.

The new Aruba Networks 7000 series Cloud Services Controllers will come in three flavors. We are most interested in the 7005 right now because we have a lot of customers who have small branch offices and want to take advantage of some of the features in the 6.3.x and 6.4.x code, but can't since the existing 600 series does not fully support all the features in the latest code.

Aruba Networks 7000 series Cloud Services Controllers

Performance and Capacity 7005 7010 7030
Maximum campus AP licenses 16 32 64
Maximum Remote AP licenses 16 32 64
Maximum concurrent users/devices 1,024 2,048 4,096
Maximum VLANs 4,094 4,094 4,094
Active firewall sessions 16,384 32,768 65,536
Concurrent GRE tunnels 512 1,024 2,048
Concurrent IPsec sessions 512 1,024 2,048
Concurrent SSL fallback sessions 512 1,024 2,048
Mobility Switch tunneled-node ports 512 1,024 2,048
Firewall throughput 2 Gbps 4 Gbps 8 Gbps
Encrypted throughput (3DES, AES-CBC) 1.2 Gbps 2.4 Gbps 2.4 Gbps
Encrypted throughput (AES-CCM) 2.2 Gbps 3.6 Gbps 4.4 Gbps


One of the nifty features on the 7005 is that the controller can be powered by PoE.  The one thing we had hoped the 7005 would have had was PoE out on the four Ethernet ports to power AP's, but we can live without it and so can most of our customers. 

Keep checking back for updates and a solid review of the 7005 once we get our hands on one.