Palo Alto Firewall Update 4.1.7

PAN-OS Version 4.1.7 has been released.  You can read about the new features and bug fixes here.

Note:  In order to upgrade to PAN-OS 4.1, the device must be running PAN-OS 4.0.0 or later. Attempts to upgrade to PAN-OS 4.1 from earlier releases will be blocked.

Some of the highlights in this release:

    • User-ID Agent Consolidation – The User-ID functionalities of User-ID Agent for Active Directory and User-ID Agent for LDAP have been consolidated into the new unified UserID Agent that incorporates support for Active Directory, eDirectory, and the XML-API. 
    • WildFire – The file blocking profile action list has been enhanced to include a "forward" action, which will copy and forward files matching the policy to the WildFire cloud-based malware detection service. WildFire currently supports Windows PE files (executable files), and will run submitted files in a cloud-based sandbox environment to analyze the sample for malicious behavior. An administrator can view reports of submitted samples through the WildFire web portal at, and can configure automated email reports. 
    • H.323 ALG Enhancements – The H.323 VoIP application-level gateway (ALG) has been enhanced to support dynamic prediction of media sessions (pinhole opening) based on the signaling data, as well as payload modification when performing address translation on the traffic allowing NAT/PAT traversal for H.323 VoIP traffic.


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