Tips from the Field

Windows 8 Task Manager


I've been playing with Windows 8 for a little over 24 hours and so far so good, I'm still getting used to the Metro UI.  One thing I do like is the new task manager in Windows 8.  You can now see the current state of the processor as it changes speed, if you have your computer configured to use the balanced power options.  I also like the new layout and performance graphs.  I think I'll give Windows 8 a full month before I decide whether or not to stick with it.  I do miss the start button and seriously hope the final version of Windows 8 has the ability to turn off the Metro UI.

Windows 8 and Adobe Flash


I just got my release candidate preview of Windows 8 up and running.  I was going through my typical list of programs that I install on fresh system and ran into this interesting error message regarding Adobe Flash and Windows 8.

Aruba Networks Clear Pass Guest formerly Amigo Pod

We just got my hands on the latest release of Aruba Networks Clear Pass Guest, formerly Amigo Pod.  So far so good, just getting the pre-configured .OVF imported and running on our ESXi server (tried getting it to work on Citrix Xen for about an hour and then gave up).

I am running this as a proof of concept internally, if you want to register for the demo contact me and I can get you the link.  Below are the initial screen shots taken during the setup on ESXi 5.0.

Upgrade to ShoreTel 12.3


f you are planning to upgrade your ShoreTel system to the latest version (12.3), be aware that the upgrade does not update the boot ROM on non-v switches.  To upgrade the non-v switches you have to manually upgrade the boot ROM on the switches by connecting a serial cable to the switch or telnetting to the switch and following these steps:

This excerpt is from the 12.3 planning/install guide: 

Dell Storage Forum 2012 - Boston

I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend the Dell Storage Forum in Boston this year.  It was a great conference and lots of new product announcements were released revolving around the Dell Compellent SAN.  The new SC8000 controller looks sweet and I can't wait to get my hands on one to see it in action.


Tuesday Night Dell Storage Forum Reception at Fenway Park

Those darn SSH connections...

One problem that every network administrator has had to deal with at some point in their careers is securing their equipment from outside attacks that come from the internet.  A firewall is especailly vulnerable since it is the device that protects your network from all those attacks and probes.  One thing that is truly annoying is when you check your logs and find out that someone has been trying to log in to your firewall.  You'll see something like this:

Updating firmware on Aruba Instant AP-105


We just fired up our first Aruba Networks Instant AP-105.  Updating the Instant AP-105 to latest recommended firmware revision is a piece of cake.  The AP's "phone home" to the cloud based controller on the Internet and pulsl the latest firmware and finally reboots the AP once it has completed the upgrade.  It literally took us less than 5 minutes to setup the Instant AP-105, create a WPA-2 PSK SSID and start using it.  Nice job Aruba!

ShoreTel Suggestions Goes Live


I wanted to let you know that the ShoreTel suggestion portal is now live for customers and partners.  This is the place where you can suggest changes to the existing system or new feature requests for futrue releases.  You can access the portal here.  It's a pretty simple process, simply create an account and you’ll be able to send your product suggestions directly to ShoreTel.  I've created an account and made a few suggestions, one of the features of the portal is that other users can rate suggestions, obviously the suggestions with the most

Resetting Aruba AP to factory default

If you need to reset your Aruba AP's to factory defualt it's really simple.

  1. Connect the serial console breakout adapter cable to the AP Ethernet port and your PC/Laptop
  2. Power on the AP and get into apboot mode.  You'll see the option to go into AP boot mode when the AP is booting.
  3. From the apboot prompt, enter the following commands
    apboot> purge
    apboot> save
    apboot> reset

That's it!  Your Aruba AP's will now be set back to factory default.

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