Tips from the Field

New Toys

We just received our new 4g Verizon USB modems that replaced our old 3g versions and so far they are awesome.  Even at our Mesa, Arizona office where we are basically out in the middle of an orange grove we are getting great speeds with only one bar of service.  See the chart below:


The holiday rush is on for I.T.

Here we are at that time of the year of again when everyone else is getting days off, but not us.  Our business is going gang-busters with activity: RFP's, people wanting to get equipment ordered and installed by the end of the year, proof of concept's and whole myriad of other projects that require working after hours during maintenance windows.  I realize that some sectors of the economy are under performing, but for our business the opposite is true.  We are thankful for the business and opportunities so many of our customers have given us this year.  Our new products such as 

Citrix Xen Server 5.6 Pool Problems

From Citrix Support:

When a new host joins an existing pool of XenServers and network names have been changed manually, the pool's network configuration does not merge correctly. As a consequence, live migrations of Virtual Machines (VMs) are not possible. This is due to an inheritance problem in the pool configuration. This hotfix resolves this issue.

We have encountered this issue, and the hotfix did the trick for us, just wanted to pass along in case anyone else is having this problem.

Citrix Xen Server Migration

We are in the process of moving our Xen Server VM's over from an AMD based host to an Intel based pool.  On some of the servers we have had to re-activate Windows and other we haven't.  I would think that all of the VM's would need to be re-activated due to the hardware changes on the Xen host.  We haven't had any problems other than re-activating the servers after they have been moved.  On the AMD Xen Host we exported the VM's as a backup and on the Intel based Xen Pool we imported them to the SAN.  I've read quite a bit about this in the Citrix support forums and the jury is still out whe

Hybrid Drives


Recently the hard drive on my laptop started reporting bad clusters, I could sense the end was near so I did some research for a new hard drive.  I really wanted to splurge and go with a traditional SSD, but I need a lot of space for all of the .iso images I like to carry with me.  I think I found the best of both worlds:  The Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid.  This drive comes with a 4GB flash drive component along with a traditional hard drive platter, which gives me 500GB of space.  The flash part is nice, it uses an ad

ShoreTel HQ Reports


We have seen a couple of installs of ShoreTel's 10.2 (Build 15.41.9301.0) on Windows Server 2008 SP2 (x86) that have had problems generating reports.  When trying to run reports on the HQ server, you receive a 404 error (see image below).