Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks PA-7050 Now Available

With the release of PAN-OS 6.0 and the PA-7050, Palo Alto Networks continues to bring new, innovative products and platforms to the security market that enable enterprises, governments and service providers to combat the most advanced and evasive cyber attacks.  In addition to the PA-7050 chassis and new cyber attack protection functionality, this release brings more than 60 additional new features that will allow you to accelerate virtualization and software defined network projects, and embrace mobile computing.

Palo Alto Firewall Schedules

Recently we had a request from a client to create a schedule for their Palo Alto Firewall that would restrict access to social media and streaming media. The client wanted to restrict access between the hours of 8:30 PM and 6:00 AM. The client is running the 4.1.7 operating system on their PA-5020. Initially the client tried to setup the schedule as recurring weekly schedule Monday-Thursday from 20:30 - 06:00. The policy was not being hit when we looked at the traffic logs.

Palo Alto Firewall Update 4.1.7

PAN-OS Version 4.1.7 has been released. You can read about the new features and bug fixes here.

Note: In order to upgrade to PAN-OS 4.1, the device must be running PAN-OS 4.0.0 or later. Attempts to upgrade to PAN-OS 4.1 from earlier releases will be blocked.