Why Virtualize?

Server virtualization and Desktop virtualization consolidate server workloads and user desktops, which produces savings in power, cooling, and management costs, an increased ability to adapt to ever-changing IT environments, an optimized use of existing hardware, and an improved level of IT reliability. Enterprise Networks Solutions has also helped many of our virtualization customers convert aging/legacy servers to new more powerful virtual server hardware.  This is a great way to keep those legacy machines running without having to build an entirely new server, just run a P2V (physical to virtual) application and you’re done! 

With desktop virtualization, Enterprise Networks Solutions has helped several customers repurpose old desktop PCs and give them new life by virtualizing the desktop on the server.  No matter where the user logs in (home, kiosk, laptop) they will always get their main office desktop.  No more copying files and downloading them to different machines or emailing attachments with your documents so you can work on them from a different machine.

The ROI from going virtual is very attractive to CEOs and CFOs who are looking for ways to save money.  Think about it: If you have multiple servers each requiring a power supply and a port in your switch and then you virtualize those servers down to one machine with one power supply, don’t you think you’ll save money?  The answer is YES!

Why do you partner with VMware, Citrix and Microsoft?

We understand that many of our clients already have a preferred virtualization platform.  Enterprise Networks Solutions is a certified partner with all three of the industry leading virtualization platforms: VMware, Citrix and Microsoft.