ENS welcomes Proofpoint to the family

Enterprise Networks Solutions is pleased to announce our newest vendor partnership with Proofpoint, Inc.™ to complement our “Best in Class” portfolio of technology solutions for our Government and Corporate customers.  The Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Suite 8.0 will help ENS customers ensure they have the industry's leading cloud-based email security threat classification and management solution.

“As recent high-profile breaches have demonstrated, email remains the number one threat vector for advanced attacks against mid and large enterprises,” said David Knight, executive vice president and general manager of Information Security Products for Proofpoint. “Our new Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Suite 8.0 enhancements provide critical email security against the most sophisticated attacks.”

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Suite 8.0 delivers industry-leading inbound and outbound email security through an innovative cloud-based platform. By accurately classifying and blocking threats, leveraging phishing detection, anti-spam and antivirus technologies, Proofpoint answers today’s security needs. New Proofpoint Enterprise Protection advancements include:

  • Email continuity to ensure transparent, uninterrupted access: Proofpoint email continuity functionality ensures that if an organization’s primary mail server fails or experiences an outage, users can still send and receive messages via a Proofpoint-hosted Webmail portal, as well as access previously received messages.
  • Secure messaging with S/MIME, protecting sensitive data in motion: Proofpoint encryption customers have access to robust messaging with secure multi-purpose internet mail extensions (S/MIME), adding an important layer to existing security infrastructure. Both gateway-to-gateway and gateway-to-user encryption is supported.
  • Single sign-on with SAML, streamlining user access and amplifying security: Enhanced single sign-on makes it easy for security administrators to use their corporate credentials to connect to Proofpoint services within their existing authentication infrastructure. This Proofpoint functionality is supported through security assertion markup language (SAML) 2.0 for both the admin console as well as end user services such as EU Web and Secure Share.
  • Full-featured, commercial-grade Sendmail MTA: Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Suite is now fully integrated, at an API and UI level, with the commercial-grade Sendmail message transfer agent (MTA), providing organizations with superior performance, control and security. Featuring advanced policy routing, the Sendmail integration enables security teams to fine-tune email routing to ensure mission-critical email data and service delivery.

"Providing a solution for this growing and imminent threat for our customers is essential.  Enterprise Networks Solutions is pleased to be aligned with this industry leader," stated Enterprise Networks Solutions President, Larry Potthoff.

To learn more about Proofpoint's Enterprise Protection Suite please call Larry Potthoff at (480) 505-1111 or email sales@ens-az.com