Pulse Secure Workspace

Pulse Secure Workspace

Give the next generation of workers a productivity boost by blending their business and personal worlds with just the right amount of company control.

Pulse One lets IT administrators control enterprise access to the data center and cloud from one management console. It enables converged policy management for security appliances and the mobile devices that connect to them. Pulse Workspace is the perfect container for "bring your own device" (BYOD), with security that separates enterprise and employee data, supports enterprise wipe, and can be used with any mobile app. Together, they provide a holistic solution that is user friendly as well as easy to deploy and administer. 

Pulse Secure Workspace

Application Controls
  • Deploy apps via group-based app catalog with mandatory and optional downloading
  • Remotely deploy applications
  • Preconfigure apps using industry APIs
  • Provides application white-listing
  • Apps can be remotely removed or wiped
  • Supports per-app on-demand VPN connectivity to the data center
  • Support split tunneling to the cloud with whitelisting and blacklisting policies

Data Protection
  • Offers native sharing restrictions
  • Offers password protection
  • Prevents personal applications from using enterprise data
  • Enables remote wipe of enterprise data
  • Provides remote lock of device in case of theft or loss

Workspace Management
  • Over-the-air workspace deployment and policy management
  • Centralized policy management
  • Group-based, user-based, or device-based management
  • Centralized dashboards
  • Actionable reporting
  • Cloud-based management platform
  • Layered policy management
  • Policy expiration setting forces periodic refresh

Employee Privacy Protection
  • Manage and wipe only enterprise applications.
  • Personal applications run privately and are isolated from enterprise applications.
  • Personal data is not visible to the enterprise
  • No sensitive enterprise data is sent to, or stored on, the centralized console.
  • Employee's personal activities and device location cannot be accessed by the admin, under any circumstance

E-mail Settings and Options
  • Provides ActiveSync support
  • Offers POP3 account management
  • Provides IMAP account management

Device Compliance
  • Root and jailbreak detection
  • Enforce device encryption
  • Blocks USB debugging

Device Restrictions on iOS
  • Block installation of new applications
  • Block use of Camera
  • Block use of iCloud Backup
  • Block use of iCloud document sync
  • Block use of iCloud Keychain sync
  • Block ability to open from managed to unmanaged
  • Block ability to open from unmanaged to managed
  • Block screenshots
  • Block use of Siri
  • Block use of Siri when device is locked

Passcode Restrictions
  • Provides passcode expiration
  • Allows maximum incorrect passcode attempts
  • Provides passcode complexity settings

VPN Management
  • Define VPN connection for workspace to use
  • Provide certificate or password-based authentication
  • Populate username automatically for authentication
  • Restrict VPN to only inside the workspace

Wi-Fi Management
  • Define Wi-Fi access points for end users
  • Supports WiFi settings for WPA2, WEP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, and EAP-PEAP