For security teams charged with defending hybrid and multi-cloud environments, Semperis ensures the integrity and availability of critical enterprise directory services at every step in the cyber kill chain and cuts recovery time by 90%.

Semperis Solutions

   Directory Services Protector

Business applications on-premises and in the cloud rely on Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, making it a critical piece of your IT infrastructure. But securing Active Directory is difficult given its constant flux, sheer number of settings, and increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Protecting a hybrid system brings additional challenges as many attacks start on-premises and move to the cloud. Semperis Directory Services Protector (DSP) continuously monitors Active Directory and Azure Active Directory for indicators of exposure and provides a single view of activities on-prem and in the cloud.


  Active Directory Forest Recovery

Widespread attacks exploiting Microsoft Active Directory have crippled businesses in recent years. When a ransomware or wiper attack takes out your domain controllers, recovering your forest can drag on for days or even weeks and risk malware re-infection in the process. But with Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery (ADFR), you can get your business back in business in less than an hour.

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