Palo Alto Networks

The Need for Speed

Who wants more speed?  I know I do, but unfortunately I don't have the bandwidth at home to take full advantage of Palo Alto Networks latest masterpiece - the PA-7080.

Palo Alto Networks 7080 Firewall

Palo Alto Firewall Schedules

Recently we had a request from a client to create a schedule for their Palo Alto Firewall that would restrict access to social media and streaming media. The client wanted to restrict access between the hours of 8:30 PM and 6:00 AM. The client is running the 4.1.7 operating system on their PA-5020. Initially the client tried to setup the schedule as recurring weekly schedule Monday-Thursday from 20:30 - 06:00. The policy was not being hit when we looked at the traffic logs.

Palo Alto Firewall Update 4.1.7

PAN-OS Version 4.1.7 has been released. You can read about the new features and bug fixes here.

Note: In order to upgrade to PAN-OS 4.1, the device must be running PAN-OS 4.0.0 or later. Attempts to upgrade to PAN-OS 4.1 from earlier releases will be blocked.