Trusona isn’t simply in the business of removing passwords from the authentication process. We created a new login experience, based on the way people work and live, that helps enterprises move beyond the vulnerabilities of the password and traditional MFA to deliver on the core promise of digital identity authentication: know who’s on the other end. Gartner used to call it “phone as a token”; now it’s “Mobile MFA”. Others in the industry hopped on the “passwordless” train. Trusona thinks about the problem a little differently. We call it Passwordless Identity Authentication.

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Trusona was founded with a simple promise: know who’s on the other end. Since 2015, we’ve helped companies achieve higher levels of assurance in digital identity by moving beyond the vulnerabilities of traditional username/password authentication to passwordless identity authentication.

Got authentication needs? Trusona offers authentication solutions that integrate with all ends of the enterprise stack — from your remote workforce to the factory floor and any user across your value chain.

Trusona provides unmatched assurance in digital identity because password-dependent MFA is fraudster-friendly MFA.

Kevin Mitnick – Why I use Passwordless MFA

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