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Viavi has striven to provide outstanding network troubleshooting and analysis solutions at competitive prices. Centered on the company’s unique, distributed network architecture (NI-DNA™), each product functions as part of a seamlessly integrated holistic management solution: the Observer Reporting Server. 

Solutions They Offer

Viavi’s platform boasts powerful application analysis, expert analysis, stream reconstruction, and troubleshoot any issue.

Viavi Gigastor

Gigastor: Fastest 3rd Party Validated Capture Rates with Gen 4

GigaStor Gen 4 has been validated by Tolly Research Group to capture traffic at 60 Gbps – the fastest independently validated rate available in the market. With more than 50% improvement, the benefits to your organization are numerous. Compared with other solutions that can drop packets or restrict filtering that can create monitoring blind spots, Observer delivers the power and capacity to ensure your performance management solution meets critical demand and business expectations.

Bigger Storage, Smaller Footprint with Gen 4

The Gen 4 GigaStor delivers provides more than a petabyte of data storage all in a 67% smaller footprint – saving you space and operational costs in your data center, while letting you store more data for longer periods of recording time. Easier installation with fewer enclosures, less disruptive deployment, significantly reduced rack requirement means keeping the lid on costs.

VIAVI Observer: Helping Organizations Achieve Operational Excellence

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